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Fantastic day and night-time shows with light art

During the day, Flyboard riders perform tricks to showcase the Flyboard and its abilities. The team performs the latest stunts that most audiences have never seen. The magic of Flyboard is amplified during the night with the effect of light created by giant holograms floating on the water and Flyboarders wearing light costumes.

This unique experience is an opportunity to create branding personalisation with logos on flags, wetsuits and jet skis.

The suits can be enhanced with colourful lights, with LED logo, screen, and can be customised. In the dark, the Flyboarders levitate over the water then disappear under water so only a halo of light is visible on the surface, later they then re-appear a few meters away from spectators.The Flyboarders themselves, who are covered with LED lights, appear from behind a water screen and demonstrate amazing tricks, playing with the lights in the water.

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