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Vivid Sydney


White Night Melbourne


NuSkin Sydney


Brisbane Festival

The largest water screen and building-top laser show in Australia for the Santos GLNG City of Lights grand spectacular at the Brisbane Festival 2013.
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Liquid is our specialty with animated fountains and moving jets

integrating laser & lights

Oracle Liquid have developed a large range of floating fountains, waterscreens and peacock screens delivering world class liquid shows with amazing animated water features and effects such as vertical jets from 10m upto 70-80m high, parabolic jets upto 100m wide x 50m high plus a range of smaller animated effects such as evantails (peacock finger shape), calices (spinning water feature), Volcans, Arc jets and a whole range more!

Oracle also have peacock waterscreens as complete floating systems as well as indoor waterscreens and massive outdoor waterscreen beyond 50m wide & as high as necessary.

All Oracle fountains are illuminated and coreographed to the sound track and ideal for use in any body of water. As a Laser, Light and Liquid company, all our shows are completely develeoped by us in house combining all mediums to deliver a tightly choreographed piece completely unique to Australia.

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